We’re back on Tuesday

Being in the UK makes you appreciate the peace and quiet in rural France. The traffic is constant and manic and this time we had to contend with all the floods. I do hope that things get better and dryer soon for all the poor people who have been affected by them. The sun is shining here though and the garden beckons. And I must remember to make some flapjacks for the start of Jeudi Art on Tuesday morning. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Trying to be an impressionist

Daniel is going through a tree phase

lots of beautiful work

Lots of people in this week. The weather has been sunny but a bit cold. The pellet burner keeps everything toasty in the barn though. Lots of work has been produced this week. Colin paints at home so he is very prolific. His golden fields in pastel is beautiful. We were trying to paint in an impressive way this week but some of us found it very difficult, Frances was happy to get back to her comfort zone and was doing fantastic water colour work on Thursday morning. But it’s good to stretch ourselves. I painted over a couple of small paintings but was happy with the final attempts.

Chris, as usual, paints the most beautiful animals

A fresh start

Lots of enthusiasm to start the New Year

Happy New Year

We hope that everyone had a very lovely festive time and look forward to starting Jeudi Art again on Tuesday 21st January.

A variety of stuff

This painting is so realistic by Chris – it’s her favourite subject

And another couple of horses, this time from Patrica

Some beautiful journal paintings from Dawn (F) and Frances

And from Dawn (S) a study of an old photograph

Some Christmas crackers and presents

Steve is doing another gauche painting in the style of the old railway posters

Colin has finished this beautiful painting

and another couple from Patricia

Another cartonnage workshop

This time we were making a pencil box. It was quite tricky but it has enthused us all to go on to make other boxes in different sizes. Watch this space


Last weekend we had an exhibition starting Friday evening with a vernissage and we were then open both Saturday and Sunday all day. We had over 80 visitors and although not very much was sold, the enthusiasm and praise for the work was overwhelming. On Saturday afternoon Jenny Gilbert rounded up her poets and they did a recital. It was fantastic.

Earlier in the week an article about the group appeared  in the local paper. All in all it was a great success despite the awful weather.

Here are pictures of the barn before anyone arrived



Ulrike came and taught us how to make a beautiful notebook with decorative paper. It was so popular that another course is planned for the end of the month.