A step towards normality

After three months of confinement we were confident enough to re-open the doors to Jeudi Art. Not everyone was confident enough to come which was fine as it means we can slide gently back into normality and keep our social distances.

sterilised and waiting for arrivals

Jenny and Janet had decided to paint swallows today

Eric sent through this painting that he had done being inspired by the Portrait of the Year series

… and Jan sent this one through of her painting of Essaouira. Glad to see that members are still painting at home.


I have been promising myself to get the sewing machine out. I have tons of fabric but had lost confidence after having had a couple of disasters. However, the Great British Sewing Bee has inspired me and these are the three items I have made within the last two weeks. (I can’t seem to be able to smile at the same time as taking the photo)

These started off as trousers, then short trousers – they just kept getting shorter and shorter. Finally happy with the length. Not very good pattern matching here – Esme would not be impressed!

A spot of cartonnage

I have been meaning to do this since acquiring lots of watches and fob watches that belonged to my Mum and Dad and also my Great Auntie Beatrice. I had bought this watch/clock paper and when it arrived was a bit larger in design than I expected. This was the perfect thing to do with it. I must admit I struggled a bit to remember what to do, it having been quite a time since the workshop with Ulricha. I made a few mistakes but it’s okay. I had bought a roll of magnetised tape, thinking that it would be easy to use. It didn’t really work as I think you needed a metal strip to stick the magnet to. It’s obvious really, but not at the time of buying it. I ended up using some velcro – a bit cumbersome. Someone has asked if I will do an online tutorial. The only thing I could manage would be a step by step still photo instruction. So watch this space.

Gabriele does some very interesting paintings

We’re still here

Coming to the end of week 6 of confinement. The weather has been mixed and every good day we are in the garden. I decided I would like to make a paper mâché sculpture for the garden. This didn’t work out so well as it wasn’t solid enough so he will have to stay indoors. I couldn’t decide how to paint him either and ended up with a black cat. Well, we are a black cat household!

I am really encouraged that beginner Jenny has been painting – she is really improving. Here are some of her paintings

Michelle and Stuart were unable to travel to France so Michelle is sending things in from their confinement in the UK

Gill got her paints out and so did Patricia

Week five of confinement

Our daughter Kate has acquired some piglets so I thought this would make a good subject for the art group. She sent this adorable photo of … she hasn’t named them because they are not pets !! and a few of us painted or used crayons. I have started following a group on Facebook called Reference photos for Artists – it’s excellent if you are looking for inspiration – I put the photo of piggy on and it was amazing the response it got.

working from home – week 4

I am very heartened to see that people are painting. Jenny in particular is a complete beginner and I am amazed at her perseverance and improvement. Here is some of her work

and here are a couple from Dawn

I am not a fan of still life and went back to painting silly cats

6th April – some new virtual projects

I am very impressed that people are painting during isolation and will be putting on some inspiration each week – I need to catch up with last week’s images

some more virtual work

3rd day of confinement – last day of March

We have had a couple of really cold days, even flurries of snow, which has made people a bit stir crazy. I threw out a challenge yesterday for people to join in a virtual art group project. I posted three things. Only two were taken up and here are the results – the photos first

I finished the portrait of Thomas with his cousin Edith

Steve is working on this landscape
Michelle is sending photos of projects from the UK as she can’t travel to the art group. She has upholstered this chair. And the painting in the background was refurbished by John
Beginner Jenny has been very prolific