The cockerel is finished

Jackie was continuing with her sepia painting from a photograph

another beautiful horse from Christine

Eric has been struggling with this portrait of Jan – he is nearly there

I was also struggling this week with watercolour – it must be the moon or something as Dawn wasn’t happy with this painting of wisteria

and I don’t think Cate was entirely happy with her pastels this week

It was lovely to see Stuart and Michele back. The cockerel came back for some fattening up and Michele was showing us how she covers lampshades

Francis was not affected by the moon and was doing a beautiful watercolour

On Tuesday morning Cate was using gold leave to cover her box – and the floor

Pauline is really improving

another acrylic from Patricia

Daniel was painting this for his ‘soon to be’ grandson

Helen was making this stunning crocheted blanket

Colin was using some watercolour based pens

Sue brought in some cornflowers (we think) and we all did a little workshop

Steve was continuing with his chateau

Anne was teaching herself to crochet

… and I did another tile

from tulips to mittens

Sue was learning to water colour again this week and I think she is doing fantastically well

… this was mine

Both Jackie and Dawn were painting in  water colour too on Thursday morning

I found this old one of mine that I had put under the tap because I wasn’t happy with it

These are Patricia’s acrylic paintings this week

Colin was working in pencil and pen

I love this from Pauline, I think she is improving immensely but she was not happy painting on canvas

Gil was doing this wonderful paper cut

Sue was knitting mittens

… and I did another couple of tiles

Tony, the poet and window cleaner man

What a treat, Tony stayed behind after the writing group this morning and cleaned our windows

a busy week

On Tuesday Gill brought in her dye cutting machine for cutting fabric for doing appliqué

Chunky knitting by Margaret

It was lovely to see Cate back in France and she is always trying something new

A couple of paintings by Patricia

Dawn was conning with her oil painting

Steve finished off this one

On Thursday Cate was doing a large pastel

Jackie was doing this ethereal water colour

… and I was painting on roof tiles



lots of seascapes

Patricia did both of these paintings this week

Another water colour from Daniel

A stunning painting in acrylic by Steve

must do this – Dawn (S) had painstakingly painted some colour charts starting with one colour and adding different colours across and white going down. It must have taken ages.

Dawn has finished her archway in water colour

Sally was continuing with her cross stitch

I decided to try another collage –  need to get into the swing of this again

I have finished this now

a few pomegranates and a surfer

Colin and Sue came this morning for the first time. Sue had never painted before so this was impressive

and this is one of Patricia’s quick acrylics

Some of last week’s work

This last picture is a take on the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. Needs a bit of tweaking but nearly there.


Creative writing

The writing group has started off again and here is some of their work

Jenny writes:

“One of the many conversations we had at the last creative writing meeting was about the importance of particular moments in our lives. Brian considered the pain of parting and the joy of meeting up again and for him, the station at Angoulême was particularly significant.”

The Station by Brian Wilkinson

How many more of these sad departures shall I witness –

The last hugs, the last kisses, the final waves? The sadness.

Platform Two hosts the long carriages all too briefly.

Impatient, the engine is eager to wrench my loved one away to other loved ones in another city;

They will warmly hug, kiss, smile, even laugh . . . then hurry away

To a short adventure.


And now I once more stand on Platform One.

Stand, pulse stirring within . . . waiting.

Wanting to see engine headlights, saying “Soon!”

The station clock, ever so slowly teasing away the minutes, long minutes. Before

She alights, smiling, beautiful. Here. Now. No words but urgent kisses.

And warm hugs.


Welcome words bounce between us.

Let’s leave this place for our own warm place.

To embrace another welcome of tail-wagging, kisses and joy!



“Someone at the meeting said ‘You have to know when it is your last time‘ and this struck a note with Jenny, so she wrote about that idea.

No Time like the Present    by Jenny Gilbert

“You have to know when it is your last time,”

Otherwise, later, you will feel cheated.


You have to know when it is the Last Time

You will ever be facing each other,

In case you don’t pay enough attention.


What if you rush your final words –

Or you overlook some detail?

What if you turn your back too soon?

Then you won’t remember clearly

That Last Time.


If only the brain could alert the heart:

“Watch out, the end is about to start!”

Then what a chance and a gift that would be –

To stretch your last moment eternally


And spin the Present fine like silk

To catch every last detail fast

And keep each one to view later –

Then you could endlessly repeat

Your Last Time.


So, this Now, I know, this is our Last Time.

Our farewell.

My eyes can’t leave the detail in your face

Or your eyes.


I breathe in your breath

Speak to hear you speak

And it’s impossible to touch enough

Or for this, Our Last Time, to last

Long enough.



A couple of poems from Anthony Kirk – Tony the Window Cleaner to his friends

Mont Buet 1st April 1987

“We made a fire that night.” “Do you remember?”

My front was hot

My back was as cold as hell

A frozen lake unwrapped itself before me

And lay solid like giant cubes in disarray

as if stuck fast to the inside of the wall

of a forgotten fridge-freezer compartment


“We looked up into the sky” “Surely you remember”


Their! Their! Hale Bopp presented itself like pieces phosphorous,

which had made its escape from the end of an old match

Dancing through the space in slow motion

like a Catherine-wheel that had lost it’s pin


”You do remember, don’t you?” “Say you do”


It crept slowly across the fabric of the night sky

Continuing on its mechanical,  melancholic return  journey back to the sun.

Leaving  behind in its wake,

bits of old cogs,


some dials,

some second hands,

and some postcards from a long lost and forgotten letter box.


Throwing out its sodium streaks, which  ripped through space

Like a beer stained 1980’s asteroids gaming console

in the corner smoke filled wine bar in Bordeaux

Only to makes its return in 4534


“ You will come and see me again?”. “Say you will “ “Please”


Plastic People 


I know people.

Real people.

Common people but…….

They are all plastic people.

Stretchy, bendy polyethylene people.

I have nothing against plastic

And nothing against people

But when you connect them together

Everything they touch turns to mastic treacle

Contaminating the world with their plastic faecal


We have become purveyors of plastic

Food wrapped in cling film and see through plastic

Then we throw it all in the sea

Hoping that nobody can see

Until it leaches and hits the beaches

And ends up in the stomachs

Of lots of sea creatures


I know people.

Real people.

Common people but…

They are all plastic people.

Stretchy, bendy polyethylene people..

I have nothing against plastic

And nothing against people

But when you connect them together

Everything they touch turns to mastic treacle

Contaminating the world with their plastic faecal.


Tony your tea drinking Window Cleaner Man working in the Charente and the Dordogne.

Written with my blue BIC biro ……
Sent via Tony’s Etch A Sketch……..
Saved on my Vitamin C tablet……..
Sent from my GPO trim phone……..
Tea= mc2


Glad to be back

We are open  again after a break of a couple of weeks when we needed to return to the UK. Lots of interesting painting going on this week

Patricia is as prolific as ever and finished off two pictures this week

Steve finished this painting as home – absolutely gorgeous

He also brought this long thin painting of a pier. The top is a detail of the left hand side – it’s not finished yet

I had to paint these hellebores in water colour – I was a bit rusty

And Daniel was painting another in a series of coastal water colours