From the last couple of weeks

It was lovely to see Gill’s grandchildren, Millie and Madie, today. they were sketching and making Christmas decorations – yes I know !!!

Patricia did these beautiful birds

I love this from Colin – a very busy Vietnamese street vendor

Jackie was experimenting with tissue paper and water colour – beautiful

Gill had made this gorgeous bag

… and Brigitte was making patchwork table mats

A couple of water colours from me. I totalling spoilt the bottom one by adding a background so that’s been put in the cupboard !!

A few highlights from this week

Frances was reluctant to spread her wings and try something experimental with wet tissue paper and splurges of colour as usually she is veery precise in her water colours. But she is loving it and has finished another fantastic painting

Colin finished this painting at home

Steve was only using a palette knife for this one

Patricia finds images online and then produces them as a painting but it’s all from memory

I loved doing these with watery acrylic and water colour on a canvas

lots of sunflowers

Sunflowers seemed to be the theme today. Sue is making large strides with her painting

Another couple from Patricia

Frances was so impressed (as were we all) with her tissue paper contemporary mixed media painting that she started another one

Anne finished her stag

… and Colin has nearly finished this stunning acrylic

This week’s work

Three pots of flowers

I was struggling to keep the lightness in this picture

Anne was experimenting with paint mixed with glue and WD40. Amazing results

A very graphic painting from Jan

Patricia’s latest acrylic

lots of different things

We were doing a morning of experimenting with different mediums and Anne did these atmospheric paintings with acrylic paint

A beautiful watercolour from Dawn (F)

Sue isa really improving with her watercolours

Margaret was doing a bit of decoupage

Gill was painting some cards

Frances always does beautiful watercolours

We decided to paint flowers in mixed media

The cockerel is finished

Jackie was continuing with her sepia painting from a photograph

another beautiful horse from Christine

Eric has been struggling with this portrait of Jan – he is nearly there

I was also struggling this week with watercolour – it must be the moon or something as Dawn wasn’t happy with this painting of wisteria

and I don’t think Cate was entirely happy with her pastels this week

It was lovely to see Stuart and Michele back. The cockerel came back for some fattening up and Michele was showing us how she covers lampshades

Francis was not affected by the moon and was doing a beautiful watercolour

On Tuesday morning Cate was using gold leave to cover her box – and the floor

Pauline is really improving

another acrylic from Patricia

Daniel was painting this for his ‘soon to be’ grandson

Helen was making this stunning crocheted blanket

Colin was using some watercolour based pens

Sue brought in some cornflowers (we think) and we all did a little workshop

Steve was continuing with his chateau

Anne was teaching herself to crochet

… and I did another tile

from tulips to mittens

Sue was learning to water colour again this week and I think she is doing fantastically well

… this was mine

Both Jackie and Dawn were painting in  water colour too on Thursday morning

I found this old one of mine that I had put under the tap because I wasn’t happy with it

These are Patricia’s acrylic paintings this week

Colin was working in pencil and pen

I love this from Pauline, I think she is improving immensely but she was not happy painting on canvas

Gil was doing this wonderful paper cut

Sue was knitting mittens

… and I did another couple of tiles

Tony, the poet and window cleaner man

What a treat, Tony stayed behind after the writing group this morning and cleaned our windows

a busy week

On Tuesday Gill brought in her dye cutting machine for cutting fabric for doing appliqué

Chunky knitting by Margaret

It was lovely to see Cate back in France and she is always trying something new

A couple of paintings by Patricia

Dawn was conning with her oil painting

Steve finished off this one

On Thursday Cate was doing a large pastel

Jackie was doing this ethereal water colour

… and I was painting on roof tiles