back to oils

I felt the need to get back to oils this week after dabbling with water based paints and collage – this isn’t finished yet but I loved the image

Birgitta was re-painting her bowl – I think it looks really good. Her tiles that she had done a long time ago and were left outside the house throughout the winter had been damaged by storms so she was making another one. Using just a serviette and PVA glue and then lots of varnish to protect. I think it’s really effective

Jackie had caught the collage bug and was just using tissue paper but look how effective this is – to me it looks like a sky and hills

Patricia was using acrylics and this painting is out of her head – but to me it looks like a self portrait

This painting by Jane in water colour is nearly finished and has such depth

lots of new paintings

Following on the collage theme – here are three of mine and Jackie decided to add some tissue paper to her irises. I’m getting used to using acrylics now

This morning Jane and Dawn were both doing some very beautiful water colours

Patricia finished the picture of her husband and started another stormy seascape, this time in water colour

Sally was doing another bit to her street scene, she couldn’t remember where it was – somewhere in France. Eric was continuing with his woodland scene in acrylic


more jewellery and other stuff

The second jewellery workshop was this week and I think the results are fantastic.

I forgot to post these last week. The first rug is Hilary’s and is full of glorious colour, the second is Margaret’s which is more blocks of colour but both are very lovely.

Birgitta was rediscovering papier maché this week. She has a real eye for design.

Brigid was making dogs for a charity and nearly lost one to Viv.

Two stunning watercolours this week from Jane and Patricia

Eric was painting in acrylic – I love seeing his pictures evolve. Jan was finishing off her oil painting and trying to decide what sort of frame was needed.


acrylic collage

I’m painting with acrylics at the moment – the jury is out on whether I am actually enjoying it as I so love to paint with oils and a pallet knife – however I am enjoying sticking on added texture – either torn out bits from magazines or threads that I find on the floor after people have been doing their rag rugs.

Patricia was still painting her husband – not literally – and he now has a beard and a face. Sally is still painting her lovely alleyway and Jackie was doing water colour flowers.

cockerel and extreme knitting

Stewart and Michelle were with us on Tuesday morning and as usual the cockerel came as well. We can’t wait to see it painted. Michelle has taken on a mammoth task of knitting a rug (or carpet) It measures more than two metres in width and only 80cm in length so far.

Amber and Jeanette were doing some embroidery, Brigitte was doing decoupage and Birgitta was making a couple of very modern looking papier maché pieces. On Thursday Jane was making dogs – as you do!

… and some of us were painting

here are a couple that slipped away from last week

10 avril – jewellery

Ruth came today and did a jewellery workshop. We all created some beautiful pieces

16 mars – il fait beau

Gill had brought in some of her stash of craft projects for Pauline to do.

Jan finished the coffee pot – here it is without the lid


Jane was back painting – she is not sure how it will end up

Dawn was doing a study of folds of fabric – stunning

Gill was painting a water colour door

I am now painting with acrylics – really enjoying the textures and ease of using water

trays, coffee pots etc. etc.

This week Jan was painting a coffee pot – why not?

I had finished varnishing a tray that I had decoupaged

and had painted a lampshade – practice for the workshop later in the year

Jackie brought in some beautiful daffs and was attempting to paint them in water colour – looking forward to seeing the finished picture

Jane was doing a water colour of a tropical fish

Gill sat there with earphones on watching a demonstration of a painting using cotton buds and was doing the painting at the same time. A good way to learn

Eric did this acrylic on paper using a credit card

and then did a drawing of Jan

Patricia finished her horse painting

I revisited this painting of a girl – it had already been framed but I wasn’t happy with it before

…   and also went over another – discarded – painting. Still using oil paints but it may be time now to switch to acrylic

It’s very sad that today was Bee’s last workshop – she does some beautiful work

Jackie and Dawn were both doing water colours

Helen and Ann were chatting and knitting/crocheting

… and I was plodding along with my oils – I think I will change to acrylics next week!



lots of variety and works in progress

Jane did this lovely water colour last week and today she was painting a fish

Bee started a still life

Dawn was doing a lovely water colour of her grandson

Jackie was experimenting (Glyn Macey style) with acrylic and paper

I forgot to post this last week – Trevor was making some extraordinary shapes with paint that looked like stained glass

Jan was continuing with her luscious figs

Eric finished his water colour with splatters of gouache and started an interesting picture of a man in a turban

Gill was doing some painting after abandoning the quilling from last week

Patricia didn’t waste much time in getting this painting started

… and I was revisiting some old paintings by using up my oil palette