Vernissage vendredi 1 septembre

A bit of a delay in  posting this as the internet has been playing up. The barn was looking beautiful before everyone arrived on Friday evening

It was a great evening – even sold some pictures


Exposition !!!

Starting with the vernissage at 6 o’clock on September 1st and all the weekend from 10 to 5

lots of veg and flowers

Jackie and Dawn were painting tomatoes and other veg  – it’s the season!

I was in a watercolour mood today

Steve was finishing off this painting which he said he had only started the day before – such detail – it’s beautiful

Birgitta came to finish off her retro style bowl

Pauline was in mass production mode with her coasters

Patricia finished her French country picture …

… and Chris was painting a friend’s dog


lots of watercolour and other stuff

We were doing lots of watercolour this week. Dawn brought in some lovely flowers and was doing some studies – she left them with us so I put them in a jar and painted them – I hadn’t done any watercolour for a while – always enjoy it. Jackie was experimenting – as usual – this photo doesn’t do it justice – beautiful deep blue. Steve had painted this window last week and wasn’t happy with it. I suggested he darken the window panes and then I didn’t see it again to take a photo! Dawn (the other one) was also doing a beautiful little watercolour of some cow parsley.

Sally painted another tile

Patricia started an acrylic and for once didn’t finish in two hours

Chris has finished her dog (I think) with a little help from Steve

Pauline was making some more coasters …

… and I finished this acrylic – a little bit of texture in the foreground – and framed already!

Thomas, boats and fidget muffs

Thomas joined us last week for a spot of painting

Sally was painting on roof tiles and allowed John to drill holes in them for hanging – it worked, thankfully!

Brigid was making some fidget muffs for less abled people to enjoy – lots of different things are sewn onto a muff or blanket – like keys and buttons – and of course in very bright colours

Steve was doing some water colour this week – he has a very light touch – I think they would look stunning in large frames

Both Patricia and Chris were finishing off their previous paintings

This is a seascape in acrylic – I couldn’t quite get the level of colour that I enjoy with oil paints but I think I may try a bit of collage on it to make it more interesting – just playing

boats, a couple of dogs and a frog

Chris is really talented – she brought in the picture that she had done of her Great Dane to be framed and had started a commission of a labrador

In the morning Jackie was continuing with her “Glynn Macey” lookalike and in the afternoon Brigid started a collage of “The Hermione”

Jane and I were also doing collages


Gill was doing some needle felting and nearly finished this cute little frog

Viv has nearly finished her crocheted blanket

… and Patricia and Steve were doing water colours


works in progress

Jane, Jackie and Brigid started paintings this week. Jackie was using some water-soluble oil paints that she found in a box whilst having a clear out. She was trying to do a ‘Glyn Macey’. Brigid was trying out a collage painting and Jane was just experimenting with colour.

Both Jane (the other one) and I were nearly finished with our collage paintings.

Patricia was putting the final touches to another horse painting …

… and Gill was doing another very intricate cut-out for a card

handy man

John was in the barn today and started to restore what will be a banquette from an old French bed – as he was in the art group he drew a picture.

Gill and I were both doing collages again


quilts and other stuff

Margaret brought in her beautiful quilt with the name of her grandson embroidered on the edge – “four more to go” she said. Jeanette started one for her still unborn granddaughter. Margaret had also finished her rag rug.

Talking of grandsons, I did a little sketch of mine from a photo

This week Steve brought in some previous work and we all helped him with advice to make subtle changes to improve them.

Gill was painting a delightful picture of a robin with some collage – Eric said “not Christmas already !??”

Patricia had painted the horse last week and this week some jaunty elephants.

Dawn goes to another art class and was learning about the way other artists paint. I can’t remember who this was after but it is a stunning painting.

… and here are some examples of how we are experimenting with collage. Jacqui had used tissue paper on her poppies and I was extending printed images

lots of different stuff

In my quest to experiment with collage and texture I came up with the idea of extending printed images. We bought a book of black and white photographs from a market.

Then I stuck on some old news print – still unfinished but I’m enjoying finding out what will work and with which medium.

Chris and Steve joined us this week. Chris has started to keep bees and was trying out ideas for her pots. She is new to water colour but is making a good start. Steve is starting again after a long break. Here he is making the most of the good weather and is with Jenny who is writing a book.

Eric has finished his leafy glade and Jan was painting a long Tuscan scene

Pauline and Gill were doing crafts – what patience!

Sally was taking a break from her French alleyway and started painting a butterfly for her kitchen

Jane’s husband asked her to paint their terrace – what a beautiful place

Jackie brought in her irises which she had framed – gorgeous

… and the cockerel made another appearance