Decorative bottles

Jane Inglis came to do the workshop. I think they all look great

New fire

I am a bit late in posting these pictures of the fire. We had it installed about two weeks ago and it has proved to be a great success. We were a bit worried that it would not cope with heating the great expanse of the barn, especially as the roof is not insulated. But as you can see, lots of happy, warm  people. Thanks to Divison Bois at St. Sornin for the very efficient installation.

bits and pieces

This is something that Cate did last week – it’s big and works really well – love the trees

Frances is trying out a method of painting in oils with only three colours – I look forward to seeing the finished painting

Jane is doing the same painting – so far in pastel and water colour – next oil and acrylic

I love this by Steve – beautiful colours

and this one by Chris has such movement

Dawn was using charcoal on a canvas to create a Van Gogh

One of Patricia’s quick paintings

This is a commission – once I am happy with the face, I can relax

lots of different styles

Jackie and Dawn love to paint in water colour – a bit of interaction going on with the apples

I can’t believe how quickly Patricia paints – she is getting better and better

… as is Pauline – beautiful colours

Dawn (S) was doing another painting ‘in the style of’ but the trouble is I can’t remember who the artist was. but I love it

Steve and Chris were here even though Chris had a broken leg.

This is a bit fuzzy but I have added another couple of chickens to complete the family

Cate is doing some beautiful work with pastel

This is a commission for Brigitte – nearly finished

vide grenier

I saw this magnificent box of charcoal at a vide grenier yesterday. If I used charcoal a lot I would have been tempted but it was 70 euros.

La rentré

Eric and Jan had been to the ‘en plein air’ group at Bussiere Badil. I love these sketches by Eric

and this one by Jan was from a photo the previous month at Busserolles

Patricia just loves painting horses

A new member, Daniel, who is painting in water colour

This week Jane was using pastels

as was Cate

A very delicate water colour by Dawn -she is doing a series for the kitchen wall

The start of a painting in oil which will go in our family gallery


This is the finished portrait with the frame that John bought for 5 euros.

These three pictures were painted by Dawn this week

A couple of lovely pastels by Cate

One of Patricia’s horses

First time with oils for Francis – I love it

This is nearly finished – hours of patience by Jeanette

lots of painting and a few bottles

This beautiful pastel was painted by Cate

Two paintings by Steve

Water colours by Francis and Dawn

I think this is finished now

These bottles were painted and then a tiny string of lights are inserted with a cork. I can feel a workshop coming on …



recent activities

Cate likes a bit of glitter


Chris loves horses

Patricia loves to paint animals of any kind

Sally-Anne has finished her butterfly

Jan joined us and did this lovely watercolour

Maria loves a bit of wire sculpture

Jeanette and Sally-Anne were doing some very fine cross stitch

Cate likes to paint with pastels

Sue was using a hand loom to make some knitted dolls

Frances was doing a beautiful water colour

… as was Jackie

Steve finished his superb sunset

and had done this quick oil painting

… and I was finishing off my oil of the house

pastels and other stuff

I love seeing Cate’s pastel box – it’s art in itself – and her pictures are pretty good too

Dawn was also painting the day lily, in acrylic

We had a morning of painting outside – these are two of the successes. I personally found it quite frustrating as I was using acrylic on a small canvas and as it was drying so quickly, I could not get a good result. In fact, in a fit of frustration, I threw it across the courtyard which amused everyone.

Jackie was painting a card for a friend in water colour

Jane was experimenting and produced this lovely study in water colour

Patricia did another acrylic on paper

Maria was sculpting again – with beads

I am struggling with this painting in oils of our house. It’s good to take photographs because it immediately points out the problems with tone and perspective. I need to change the door !