lots of interesting work this week

Maria was doing some amazing sculpture work with wire. I have taken a picture of both sides – they look completely different

Some lovely water colours by Jane, Dawn and Francis

Pauline is new to painting and making a really good start

One of Patricia’s quick acrylics – love the sky

This incredible painting in oil is by Mary

Cate was using pastel, with water, on a textured board

Jackie says she doesn’t like using acrylics but at the end of the morning I think she was coming round to enjoying them – you can’t tell but there is a lot of texture

I can’t decide whether or not to put more sheep in

… and I started the hare


some of the life drawings from this afternoon


Jane and Jackie have both progresses with their paintings of flowers in jug

Gill was being inspired by Angie Lewin

Pauline is progressing hugely with her paintings

This is my goat. I think I have to work on ear which doesn’t seem to be in the right place

Vases with flowers

This morning we decided to paint flowers in vases using large canvases and big brushes.

This was Dawn’s first attempt at oils

Works in progress by Jackie and Jane

This is my progress – I couldn’t resist adding a bit of collage.

In the afternoon Mary came and finished this magnificent tree which is at “Site Corot” near St Junien

Maria showed me her Pinterest boards and I fell in love with this goat and just had to get it onto canvas


robins and sheep

We had another very successful needle felting course at the beginning of this week.

I felt the need to paint a very large sheep – this could be the start of a series

Helen came and was finishing off this beautiful retro crochet baby blanket

This is the finished fox that my neighbour asked me to make for her daughter

Sally-Anne has nearly finished this beautiful butterfly

Patricia was painting her favourite subject

I must do this !! Dawn was painting in her sketch book

Jackie was tracing a drawing from the life class

needle felting workshop

A flock of robins – they were all fabulous. The next date is 23rd April

The first life model afternoon

It was wonderful to be able to sketch a live model and such a privilege. I’m really looking forward to the next sessions


Sally Anne gave me this beautiful grained watercolour paper and Dawn brought in some hellebores – so of course they had to be painted in watercolour

Dawn (the other one) had been doing studies in Hockney at her other class and what beautiful results

At the moment I have a ‘thing’ about trees. These are in acrylic but I think they may have had more depth if I had used oils. Next time.

Tuesday mornings

Gill was making some tags for jam jars filled with Spring flowers for her daughter’s wedding. We want to see them in situ, Gill.

Alice and Laura both had sewing projects on the go.

Sally Anne and Patricia were painting

Margaret and Jeanette were knitting

… and here is a little jointed teddy bear that I have been experimenting with

This morning we did a bit of French polishing

Before and after – a little walnut stool

Before and after – an oak table – amazing

Before and after – we think this was teak – some elbow grease got rid of the ring mark

Bob brought in a beautiful table that had marks on the top but he decided to work on the legs.

A really good morning with everyone very happy with the results.